Should you “Crack Your Own Back”?

23rd March 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Backpain,Therapy

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Dr Dave Rozeboom  ST. Louis Natural Treatment Center:

Have you ever noticed people twisting and turning, trying to “crack” their backs in an effort to fix their own back pain? They contort and twist, grabbing their legs and grunting, while their back issues forth a dreadful series of cracks!

Does this actually work? Can we fix our own back pain with rapid twists and pulls on our own backs?

“Self Adjustments” don’t adjust anything.

The most clear-cut way to answer this question is to think about the people who have developed this habit. What can we recognize about them?

Well, for one thing, most people who “pop” their own backs seem to do it a lot. Some people will twist in their chair every time they sit down or lift a leg in the air and twist!

So… if this worked, it seems they wouldn’t have to do it this frequently.

And this is the crux of the matter.

“Back cracking” is harmless – and useless.

When someone cracks their own back incessantly, it generally doesn’t do any harm – except grossing out the neighbours! Yes, over time, it can cause irritation, but generally speaking, no real harm will come from it.

However, that doesn’t mean it does any good, either.

When we feel the urge to crack our backs, we are doing it to escape some sort of pain or relieve pressure. But if it really had that effect, then we wouldn’t need to do it repeatedly.

Leave “back cracking” to the professionals.

A chiropractor has been trained for years in the science of spinal manipulation. The product of which is to help relieve your pain and improve your health. Much more than willy-nilly twisting to see if something works, Chiropractic adjustments are precision technology designed to apply relief exactly where it is needed.

Back pain is a horrible condition to live with. It is distracting and exhausting, and it can keep you from living life the way you want. There’s no reason to live with it.

If you experience back pain and would like some relief, search this site for a practitioner near you. (Back-Pain-Clinics)

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