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St Anne's Osteopathic Centre in Lytham

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St Annes Osteopathic Centre is a health clinic owned and managed by registered osteopath Martin E. Cooper BSc (Hons). Opened in 2007 and located just outside Blackpool, it sees patients from throughout the northwest suffering from a wide range of musculoskeletal and functional disorders and those wishing to maintain optimal health.

More About Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a healthcare profession that demands an expert knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology (disease), neurology and biomechanics. An osteopath uses this knowledge to assess a patient’s posture, their movement and their general health. He then diagnoses his patient and uses a combination of hands on techniques (manual therapy), lifestyle and postural advice, and exercise prescription to enable the patient to return to and maintain a healthy and pain free state. If there is evidence of a serious threat to a patient’s health osteopaths are qualified to recognise this and make an appropriate referral.

Your Consultation 

Your initial consultation will include your assessment and first treatment should you decide to proceed with it. The two will last about an hour and will cost £45.00 currently payable by cash, cheque or credit card. There is a cash machine sited next door to the practice.

Follow up treatments cost £35 and can last up to 40 minutes.

During an osteopathic consultation it is normally necessary for the patient to remove some clothing and perform some simple movements. This along with various other tests allows the osteopath to make a diagnosis.

Treatment at this practice is covered by most health insurers.

There are no free consultations offered at St. Annes Osteopathic Centre. Practices that offer these are incentivised to recommend treatment that may not be strictly necessary. If you think you may require treatment but are unsure if osteopathy is the correct therapy for you, we are more than happy to briefly speak with you to discuss your problem free of charge. If however an assessment is required, this will be charged as an initial consultation. After the assessment and diagnosis is made your osteopath will explain the diagnosis and offer treatment or another appropriate course of action. If, after your consultation, you prefer to think about your options you may postpone your treatment and book a follow up visit at a later date.

Conditions Treated

What sets Osteopathy apart from other western medical approaches is its philosophy of the body as a single self sufficient unit. This leads osteopaths to believe two things: firstly, that under normal circumstances the body has the ability to heal itself; and secondly that problems in one part of the body can affect, or be the effect of, problems elsewhere in the body. For this reason the question they most seek to answer is not what is wrong with the patient but why is something wrong with the patient.Treatment is directed toward the patient rather than the condition and can thus be of use in improving a patient’s ability to deal with virtually any condition. That said, the following is a list of conditions that are commonly encountered by osteopaths, and have positive clinical studies to support treatment with osteopathy:

Back and neck pain

Symptoms associated with arthritis such as pain and stiffness


Trapped nerves

Tennis elbow

Plantar faciitis

Digestive problems

Sports injuries

Headaches and migrane headaches

Shoulder and arm pain.

Dizziness and balance problems

Hip, knee, and foot pain

Pre and post pregnancy back pain.

Period pain


Muscle spasms

 Martin is also qualified to provide rehabilitation sessions following serious injury or strokes.

Business Address

193 St Davids Rd North
St Annes

Telephone No

Tel: 01253 788500

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