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Mobile clinic apps for clinics particularly osteopaths, physio’s, chiropractors and acupuncturists. Making life easy for your patients.

At Body Management we know how difficult it is to be found in the right places for the right reasons, and how to build great relationships with your patients and clients.

We provide some great tools and information for you to use to develop your clinic and business.

Our clinic directory gets you found for the right terms by the right people, with many of our clinics and practitioners on google page one directly linking your clinic page without the need to search for the information. – See more.

From a personal view as a registered osteopath and chartered physio we love our clinic app!

Smart phones everyone seems to be having them, a 64 year lady with knees issues used our app to book in on-line to get treatment from me recently, offering great feedback on how easy it was, so it’s not just for the young. Smart phones are useful, very useful. I have personally booked restaurants and made travel plans on the go when out and about.

The smart phone if used correctly can be the best way to keep pace with what’s going on,  the latest technology and information, with massive benefits for osteopaths and there practise.

Since never before it was possible to be so close to your patients, keeping you in touch and building your relationships. In practise I have patients whom I have known for 20 years, or just 1 year and lots in between, I know the patients I have a good relationship with always look to me for advice and the great treatment my clinic provides.

The best clinic smart phone app can do things much more than many avenues of communication due to a greater functionality built-in.

A lot of clinics now send emails and messages to patients as appointment reminders which dramatically cuts down on failed appointment etc because we know how annoying that can be, the clinic app can do so much more.

If you visit the app store or googleplay you will see app’s for just about everything, so why should you have a clinic app?

My number one reason

“It puts me on the first page of my patients phone”

Most people including me have a number of apps you use regularly, these are the ones which provide a service, a benefit to you and me that makes life easier more convenient and above all very useful.

Here is a list of the functions for my app for my clinic  Manchester Osteopaths ;

Contact details; telephone, emails and contact via the app at a touch of the screen.

(Simple and brilliant to make it easy to get it touch)

On-line booking in real time at their convenience. (I receive notifications on bookings and have seen appointments booked in at 4am as a lady did recently who was awakened with neck pain, that can give great piece of mind)

Map facility/directions

Clinic information (Who we are and what we do)

Treatment information (what treatments we offer)

Exercise videos

Share facility (making it easy for my patients to share my information, word of mouth via your smart phone can be your most powerful marketing tool and income source).

Facebook (social media is simply another avenue to communicate and build relationships)


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