Chiropractors and Massage Therapists in Brentwood

4 Avenue Rd, Warley, Brentwood CM14 5EL, UK
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Chiropractors and Massage therapists in Brentwood, Essex, your first stop to helping getting your health on track, focusing on wellness not sickness.

We are a team of highly experienced chiropractors, massage therapists and an acupuncturist who specialise in treating back pain, neck pain as well as many other ailments. We have top of the range facilities and very well regarded care.

We invite you to rethink what a healthy active life means to you. What matters most to you. We can help you bring about a positive, permanent shift in the quality of your life. Create new health strategies, freedom, full body self expression and peace of mind for your future.

Our intention is to provide inspirational care and service that motivates you and your loved ones to reach your maximum potential, leading to the happy and healthy lifestyle you deserve.

More than 84% of participants surveyed reported that Spinal Care Clinics made a profound and lasting effect on their health and life.

Eight Week Wellness Programme

8ww is a proven wellness programme designed to dramatically improve your health, with 5 elements of care. It has consistently delivered life changing clinical results, which will change the way you think, move and eat forever.

What are the 5 elements of care?

Chiropractic, massage, functional fitness, nutrition, mindfulness.

What are the clinical results?

A marked improvement in your nervous system and body functions……stronger, more flexible and more balanced.
Dramatic changes in energy levels, body fat mass, weight, blood pressure, blood glucose levels & cholesterol levels.

I Feel Fine

We believe the more time you spend with your wellness doctor, the less time you will spend with your sickness doctor. Someone who feels fine one day could have a heart attack the next. Lack of symptoms or feeling good is not an effective measure of your health. This is where the wellness scores comes in. We will measure various binomarkers of your health to give you a grade A-F


What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a philosophy, art and science of natural healing

  • Is the most popular, fastest growing health care system in the world.
  • Promotes a healthy, drug free lifestyle
  • Offers you a real alternative to drugs and surgery
  • Optimises your natural healing ability

Chiropractic is the third largest healthcare profession, after conventional and dental medicine. Chiropractic focus on the integrity of the nervous system and the body’s ability to heal itself. In a natural, non-surgical approach, manipulate the chiropractor joints in the spine and extremities. This allows optimal transmission of nerve signals in the body and the result is optimal health.


Chiropractic Does Not Treat Pain

Chiropractic doesn’t treat back pain or neck pain or other conditions.
Chiropractic helps the body to heal itself!
When the nervous system function improves – the pain subsides, naturally.

We Focus On The Nervous System

Chiropractic focus on the function of your nervous system and spine.  Your nervous system is the most important tool you have as it controls all aspects of your body.  Your nervous system is highly developed and complex network of fibres, similar to an electrical wiring system. Any interference to the spinal nerves can alter the transmissions of signals between your brain and the body’s tissues. The result is dysfunction and ill health to the body organs.

We feel it initially as pain, stiffness, numbness or other symptoms. Chiropractor is an expert in diagnosing nerve interference and treating it. So the body can express health to the fullest.


Chiropractic Massage

What is a Massage like in our clinics?

With the understanding that every “body” is different, we tailor each session to your specific needs and comfort level.

Your first visit at Spinal Care Clinics begins with an assessment of your medical history, address any areas of pain or tension, and design a massage treatment to achieve the desired outcome of your care.

Many of our sessions will use a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, as well as Trigger Point Therapy, to address your individual needs.


Do I have to remove all my clothes?

You will be asked to remove all the clothes that you are comfortable removing. That decision is entirely up to you. You will be fully draped throughout the entire bodywork session.

How to receive a massage?

Your only job is to relax as completely as possible. Breathe deeply and regularly, allowing the body to become heavy and sink into the table. As the therapist’s hands locate areas of tension, try to let go and relax those areas.

Talk, for the most part, is distracting and unnecessary. A good massage requires concentration on the part of the therapist. A great massage is created out of a meditative space between the therapist and recipient.

Give Us a Feedback

Do feel free to give feedback. If any stroke or stretch is uncomfortable for you, let the therapist know. Remember, the massage is for you!

Express Your Emotions

If emotions surface, do not be afraid to give them expression. The body is the seat of the emotions. Sometimes during massage emotions will come up, and it is of great benefit if they can be released and worked through. At the very least, do not be afraid to sigh with relaxation or hum with pleasure.

Closing your eyes may help you see with your sense of touch. Feel your body inside and out. To close the eyes during massage can help bring one’s center of energy out of the head and into the body.

After Care

During the two or three hours following the massage, drink plenty of water. This helps the system eliminate toxins which have been flushed out of the soft tissue and into the bloodstream.


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