How Manchester Osteopaths can help in 2016!

10th March 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Backpain,Healthy Living,Therapy

Four ways Manchester Osteopaths can help you in 2016.

  1. Pain relief
    This is by far the biggest reason for seeing an osteopath, most commonly backpain, and whether you are suffering from acute or chronic pain, there are many ways a visit can help. Treatment helps get your body moving better this helps to relax your body, improving joint and muscle function encourages better circulation further enhancing the healing process. We also help the long term process offering lots of advice on posture, exercise and lifestyle.
  2. Keep you in work
    There are many reasons to visit our clinic with backpain being one of the largest reasons for absenteeism, and though sometimes it’s outside of work that we can get injured- sports, outdoors, trips, falls or simply running around with the kids Its important to get you out of pain so that you can continue working.
    In the work place there is a constant assault on the body in the way of poor posture, long periods at the desk, driving and repetitive actions, these often create a poor environment for our body that can cause us to use our bodies in an inefficient way leading to pain. Having regular treatments can prevent time off from work due to pain by keeping your body mobile, your body tissues well nourished and help you maintain a better posture. We offer advice specific for your work life balance and exercise recommendations to keep you strong and mobile with a better plan to keeping you fit and healthy.
  3. Keep you training and help prevention injuries
    When it comes to exercise and training there are a few factors you need to consider, particularly if you are training for an event such as a marathon, triathlon or competition, we know that an injury can really set back your training schedule for and event progress or maybe you have decided to reclaim some of your youthful abilities and get fitter. It can take months to recover from an injury and then you are left with a weakness in that area which can cause more problems further down the line with you drive and motivations severely dented. Having regular treatment suited to you and your needs, quarterly, monthly or bi-monthly treatments can help to prevent injuries and get your body working at its best. Treating your whole body osteopaths can really help to get each part of your body working conjointly with the whole; when the sum of all parts are working well and correct your body is happy, it can alleviate strains on areas of your body that would work harder when injured, rarely does any particularly single exercise provide all the solutions but with advice and guidance knowing what to do to supplement helps with restrictions of movement and weakness in the surrounding areas and imbalance in exercise structure; In the unfortunate event that you do injure yourself, a course of treatments can help to optimize the healing process and rehabilitate you back to training as soon as possible.
  4. Health and wellbeing
    Prevention is the best cure – and it really is! We visit the dentist as part of a regular routine to prevent decay and disease, we can even get false teeth, unfortunately the body isn’t like that, yes you can get a knee replacement or shoulder replacement but you still need to manage the degenerative changes, traumas and the overall aging process. Looking after you body and regular treatment will help keep your body in top shape, healthy and happy. While there are many aspects to healthy living, the key areas are Movement, Nutritional and Emotional. Getting things moving is our strong point, crucial to the health and vitality of the body and mind. The affects of good movement are far reaching simply helping the cardio vascular system helps all the systems of th body and influences our overall quality of life. Think about how good circulation within the body helps to deliver nourishment and remove metabolic waste products from each cell. Obstructing the flow of these substances can alter the way the body is functions.

A tight muscle can create a stiff joint, like wise a stiff joint leads to tight muscles so remember the phrase “structure governs function” any alternations of structure such as tightness, stiffness, scar tissue, inflammation or swelling, poor posture or bad breathing habits directly affects the relationship between the structure and function of the body.

We are concerned with the whole body aiming to optimise the total function and motion.  It’s what we do

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