Chiropractic and Backpain Treatment

17th December 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Backpain

Chiropractic safely treats back pain

By Dr. Brandon Manson
For Columbia-Greene Media

Back pain is one of the most prevalent and costly health conditions in society. Billions of dollars are incurred annually due to treatment costs, lost wages, lost productivity, insurance and other expenditures associated with this epidemic.

Recognizing the urgent need to control this burgeoning cost, many governments throughout the world have sponsored research panels of experts to help determine the most effective and cost-effective methods to treat and manage back pain. One such group was the United States government’s Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, who, in December 1994, published one of the first major sets of guidelines for back pain treatment.


Following a comprehensive review of the scientific literature, this large independent panel of experts from various health disciplines concluded:

For most back pain patients, chiropractic spinal manipulation is one of only two treatments proven safe and effective. The other treatment method is non-prescription medication.

There is no scientific evidence of benefit of many standard medical treatments, including traction, TENS, ultrasound, massage and cortisone injections.

Muscle relaxants should be avoided, and oral steroids and anti-depressants are not recommended.

Bedrest should be avoided if possible, and only used for a maximum of 2 to 4 days for patients with severe back and leg pain.

These U.S. recommendations are consistent with recommendations published by other government-sponsored investigators, most notably in Canada and Great Britain. The Manga Report, published in 1993 and updated in 1998 by prominent health economists from the University of Ottawa, Canada, involved the most exhaustive review of the scientific literature to date. It concluded chiropractic manipulation and management is superior to all other treatment methods for most kinds of back pain — both acute and chronic — in terms of effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, safety and patient satisfaction. In Britain, these conclusions were echoed by the findings of the U.K. government’s Clinical Standards Advisory Group in 1994, and later by the Royal College of General Practitioners in 1996.

In all, there have been at least seven major evidence-based reports on back pain treatment during the last decade. As scientific evidence is the same throughout the world, it is not surprising, then, every one of these reports reaches the same conclusion: for relief of back pain, chiropractic care is the best choice.