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Cranial Therapy was evolved from the principles of Cranial Osteopathy by Robert Boyd.  The treatment successfully treats patients of all ages.  It helps the body function at it’s optimum and helps many general health problems from back problems to fibromyalgia and energy issues.

If Look at yourself carefully in a mirror, and see if you can see any imbalances.  Is one eye lower or smaller than the other?  Put your fingers in your ears;

Are your ears level, or is one higher?

Is your nose straight?

Is one shoulder higher than the other?
Most of us can see these irregularities, even with an untrained eye.

There is a connection between the structure of the cranium (head), the function of the spine, and all the muscles and organs.  The Bio Cranial system is concerned with optimal health and the optimal functioning of all the systems (circulation, digestion, hormonal, etc.) of the body.

The alignment of the spine follows the alignment of the 22 bones of the cranium, so if there is a “misalignment” of a bone in the cranium, there will be a misalignment in the spine.  This misalignment will have an impact on the optimal function of body systems, because of the effect on the whole craniosacral system.  This is a “global” approach to wellness.

Bio Cranial Therapy is a therapeutic protocol the helps the body to correct and heal itself by applying a very specific technique to the bones of the head.
All the bones of the head and spine do move!

The cranial bones move involuntarily with  a pump that circulates the spinal fluid.  The pump is like a gentle squeezing and releasing, which circulates this cerebrospinal fluid.

Sometimes a mild trigger can start a symptom, such as bending over to tie your shoe or bathing your baby, and suddenly your  back will spasm.

There is a probability that there is a dysfunction – something isn’t working right, somewhere in the body, that sets off the symptom.

The initial weakness was just waiting, until the body couldn’t compensate any longer.  The usual initial cause of a dysfunction is the birth process.  Birth is a critical time at which the foundation for a lifetime of optimal functioning established. But this can also be a time when potential weaknesses are built into the system.  One does not need to have any major trauma to result in torsion of the head bones at birth.

Bio Cranial Therapy can address the basic cause of a wide variety of illnesses and disorders.

Bio cranial therapy has been discussed on local radio a couple of times and its usefulness in helping the symptoms of Fibromyalgia including Chronic Fatigue.

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Bio Cranial Therapy by Neil Perkes