• Helping Kids Stay Fit At School Sports

    4th September 2016

    Our top tips for helping kids prevent sport injuries this school year. Sports and activities are a vital part of growing up, they help the body develop and maintain its functional ability. Regardless of the level participated in recreational or competitive sports there is always a risk of injury, more so for contact activities. When […]

  • Backpain your No1 Priority

    19th June 2016

    What have I got to do to stop backpain coming back? Many patients want to know the ins and outs of really sorting out there health and particularly what they needed to do to sort out there back issues. With conversations often aimed at finding the number one thing to concentrate on. Some of the points covered are; Sleep- let’s […]

  • Chiropractic and Backpain

    13th June 2016

    Are you considering Chiropractic treatment? Chiropractic has a long standing history for helping people with backpain, here we have some useful information provided by the British Chiropractic Association which offers help and advice on backpain and a list of registered Chiropractors. BackPain To contact the British Chiropractic Association call 0118 950 5950 or click here to […]

  • Manchester Osteopaths helping you in the garden

    11th May 2016

    Manchester Osteopaths Helping you stay active in the garden.. By: Francis Connor “With great weather comes many gardeners..” Here at Manchester Osteopaths we see many enthusiastic gardens, we also see the “its sunny let blast the garden for a BBQ” people, We receive phone calls and bookings, even  online bookings in the early early hours via the […]